See below for links to my papers and other publications. Wherever possible this will send you to an open-access version of the paper.

Publications on self-harm/injury and suicide

Chandler, A. (2017, in press). “Seeking secrecy: a qualitative study of younger adolescents’ accounts of self-harm.” YOUNG: Nordic Journal of Youth Research. [link to institutional repository]

Explaining the relationship between socioeconomic disadvantage, self-harm and suicide: a qualitative synthesis of the accounts of those who have self-harmed (2017) Chapter 6, in Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Suicidal Behaviour, Samaritans [link to full report]

Self-injury, Medicine & Society: Authentic Bodies (2016) Palgrave Macmillan [link to publisher] (unfortunately this is not available open-access, and currently carries a hefty price tag – do ask an institutional library if they can arrange access, if this option is open to you)

General Practitioners’ Accounts of Patients Who Have Self-Harmed A Qualitative, Observational Study (2016, with Caroline King, Christ Burton & Steve Platt) Crisis [link to open access paper]

Narrating the self-injured body (2014) Medical Humanities [link to open access paper]

Inviting pain? Pain, dualism and embodiment in narratives of self-injury (2013) Sociology of Health & Illness [link to pre-publication paper] [link to journal]

Self-injury as embodied emotion work: Managing rationality, emotions and bodies (2012) Sociology [link to pre-publication paper] [link to journal]

The construction of self-injury in the clinical literature: a sociological exploration (2011, with Myers & Platt) Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior [link to paper]

Publications on substance use and parenting

The burden of care: a focus group study of healthcare practitioners in Scotland talking about parental drug misuse (2016, Whittaker, Williams et al.) [link to journal]

Parenting support for mothers and fathers with a drug problem: issues and challenges for parents and healthcare professionals (2014, with Whittaker) CRFR Research Briefing [link to free briefing]

Mother’s Little Helper? Contrasting accounts of benzodiazepine and methadone use among drug-dependent parents in the UK.” (2014, with Whittaker, Williams, McGorm, Cunningham-Burley & Mathews) Drugs: Education, Prevention, and Policy [link to open access paper]

Substance, structure and stigma: Parents in the UK accounting for opioid substitution therapy during the antenatal and postnatal periods (2013, with Whittaker, Cunningham-Burley, Williams, McGorm, Mathews) International Journal of Drug Policy [link to pre-publication version] [link to journal]

Response to Substance, structure and stigma by kylie valentine & Carla Treloar [link to paywalled article]